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Focus on the industry for 16 years, dedicated to provide you with a full range of one-stop exhibition solutions。

Exhibition hall

Exhibition hall SHOWROOM

Enterprise exhibition hall, digital exhibition hall, Party building exhibition hall, science and technology exhibition hall, enterprise museum, science and technology museum, planning museum, military museum, school history museum, literature and history museum design and construction one-stop turnkey engineering services。

Exhibition engineering

Exhibition engineering EXHIBITION

Provide one-stop service for the design, layout and withdrawal of large-scale special exhibition booths in various industries

Corporate propaganda culture

Corporate propaganda culture ART SHOW

Corporate culture wall design, corporate image wall, corporate propaganda display board, party building culture wall, party building activities propaganda display board, corridor culture wall, campus culture wall, organ cultural wall design, production and installation one-stop service

Interactive exhibition item

Interactive exhibition item Interactive

Interactive device, holographic projection, phantom imaging, augmented reality, electronic book, electronic sand table, 3Dmapping, touch screen, OLED screen, splicing screen, LED HD display

Case presentation

Case Show


Wonderful idea

N+1 industry exhibition types are subdivided into customized solutions for customers

Perfect presentation

Precise early planning + scientific management process + strict implementation

Strength guarantee

Let the world no difficult exhibition!

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