The latest trends in showroom design for 2018

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the speed of modern scientific and technological display means is changing with each passing day and emerging endlessly, and the development of the exhibition and display industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities, making the exhibition and display industry step into the fast lane of rapid iteration and update。The accompanying field of exhibition hall design is also evolving and changing due to the emergence of various new technologies and inventions,Therefore, designers engaged in the exhibition design industry also put forward higher requirements,They need to constantly learn to understand the performance and application characteristics of various new technologies,Combined with the exhibition hall to achieve the various functions,In order to design the best ideal plan for customers。

The current development trend of exhibition hall design mainly shows the following four development trends:

First, from the past focus on content display to focus on interactive experience;

Second, the structural design of the exhibition hall is becoming more and more simple;

Third, the exhibition hall content design more to multimedia digital content;

Fourth, the functional design of the exhibition hall pays more attention to the presentation of the scene。

Fifth, pay more attention to the integration of various digital display media to achieve the immersion of the exhibition hall。

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