About the transportation, insurance and post-exhibition treatment of overseas exhibits

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In the international exhibition transportation, how should the exhibition goods be safely, on time and economically transported to the exhibition hall of the participating country and transported back to China?Generally, it is fully entrusted to the foreign transport company。According to the requirements of the shipping company, the organizer of the exhibition should provide the information about the exhibition, the address, date and recipient of the exhibition, as well as the case number, shipping mark, airtight fitting, measurement, gross weight, net weight, total volume and weight of the exhibition。

Other matters to which attention should be drawn are:

It is best to leave a little room for arrival time to prevent unexpected delays on the way from the port to the exhibition Hall。However, the arrival time should not be too early, one will increase storage costs, two will increase the possibility of damage to the exhibits。

Export packaging shall be used for exhibition goods. If container transport conditions are available, container transport shall be used as far as possible;When shipping in bulk, the convenience of unloading after port should be taken into account when stowing as much as possible。

The shipping mark, case number, loading and unloading transportation mark should be obvious, and the drafting of the shipping mark outside the exhibition prop box should generally take the first letter of the exhibition in the capital of the country, plus the exhibition year, such as1988To Italy exhibition, the shipping mark can be set as the wooden mark brushed outside the prop box, and all kinds of signs, usually: shipping mark, box number, volume, weight, hook sign and rain proof, fragile and other safety signs。

A list of exhibits sent to customs in duplicate


* Classification list: usually divided into exhibits inventory, sales inventory, appropriate goods inventory, exhibition props inventory;

* The languages on display are compared with the languages on display;

·*Some countries require that the gross weight and net weight of each exhibit be indicated。

The certificate of commodity inspection of exhibits and sales issued by the national Export Commodity Inspection Bureau shall be submitted for inspection。

For some foods, fur products, etc., a quarantine certificate must be issued。

Safety and insurance of exhibits

The insurance of exhibition items abroad, our country is generally insured in the country, the insured items are generally fire insurance, Marine insurance, theft insurance。The role of insurance is mainly to guard against accidents and theft, and you can get partial compensation。But compensation will never be equal to the lost value, especially for exhibition, sales of exhibition goods, to promote the loss of market opportunity, its invisible loss is difficult to add。So it is of Paramount importance to nip it in the bud。Fire prevention treatment, fire prevention devices, anti-theft measures, security guards and inspection systems should be perfect and sound, and throughout the entire exhibition process from unpacking to packing。Especially for those "valuable" jewelry, cultural relics, etc., should be focused on protection, and strive to be foolproof。

Handling of exhibits

There are generally several situations in the treatment of exhibition objects:

If the domestic designated not to sell, the original shall be shipped back;Valuable exhibits can generally be sold individually or on consignment。If neither is possible, it needs to be shipped back;Medium and low grade goods, generally adopt discount underwriting method, in the exhibition dust, luster, hanging damaged things, discount is larger(The goods and artworks of the business file are generally not discounted, and some eye-catching boutique products, on the contrary, the value of the exhibition has risen)

Exhibition props, in addition to aluminum alloy packaged props, generally do not have a reusable value of things, due to excessive freight considerations, most of the local disposal or sale, or gift, or waste treatment。

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