How can exhibitors effectively prevent exhibit loss?

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       Participate in the exhibition with the main exhibitors of product display,One thing that is very troublesome is the anti-theft problem of exhibition exhibits,Due to the large number of visitors to the exhibition,The space is limited and the personnel are complicated,At the same time, exhibitor management staff is limited,So exhibits are very easy to lose,Combine this market demand,Our company independently developed a set of booth exhibits anti-theft and information release system,Is a set of anti-theft alarm, video advertising, information release in one of the high-tech exhibit management system。It turns ordinary buildingsAdvertising machineCombined with information exchange and interaction, not only the sales from the traditional "narrative" to the fashion "experience", but also the characteristics of exhibits, promotion, advertising and other information content more fully displayed in front of customers。At the same time, it not only reduces labor costs, but also raises them店铺Service image。This system is widely used in mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, cosmetics and other product exhibitions。

Main functions:

1. 报警:拔掉充电线报警;拉断/ Cut any wires to alarm。

2. 广告视频:在没有顾客选看展品时,液晶显示屏自动播放指定广告视频。

3. 摘机展品视频:当某一产品被拿起时,液晶显示屏即刻播放本展品的视频或图片,包括展品广告、促销活动、性能参数等等。

4. 触摸展品视频:当触摸液晶显示屏时,出现所有展品图片。When you touch the selected exhibit picture, the LCD display immediately plays the video or picture of the exhibit, including exhibit advertising, promotional activities, performance parameters, and so on。And the corresponding exhibits stand green light。

5. 展品信息WIFI配置:在管理服务器的软件平台上,配置各支架展品的相应信息,包括视频和图片。When the information terminal is turned on, exhibit information can be transmitted wirelesslyWIFI, automatically transmitted to the information terminal in the exhibition hall。

6. 数据统计:系统能自动记录每个产品被查看的次数(拿起与触摸次数之和),在管理服务器软件平台上显示。You can view it in hours, days, and months。

7. 全国联网综合平台管理:在全国总部控制中心的总服务器软件平台上,可以对各地分店的子服务器进Line exhibit information configuration。When the information terminal is turned on, the exhibit information can be automatically transmitted to the information terminal in the exhibition hall through wireless WIFI。

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