Why do today's companies choose corporate showroom design?

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Because enterprises know the benefits and advantages of enterprise exhibition hall design。The design of enterprise exhibition hall should fully express the corporate image and brand culture to achieve the effect of personality and harmony?Use every possible element to refresh the audience Fresh sense, stimulate its curiosity, the audience will be harmonized by the pleasing environment infected, arrived Emotional pleasure, and then complete the purpose of marketing。Since the exhibition hall design is so important, how to design and build it?

Exhibition design refers to all exhibition and display of visual art, including shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets and other commercial sales space and service space indoor and outdoor environment planning, beautification design work。The design of the digital exhibition hall takes three-dimensional images as the main content, which makes the information more intuitive, easier to understand, and can show more information。Make the exhibition hall have a rich display way, can bring in-depth experience。Exhibition hall design using hypermedia technology has been widely used in real estate marketing, government planning, cultural activities, corporate achievements and other display projects。

First, the composition of enterprise exhibition hall design

Enterprise exhibition hall is actually the display space of the product, with the product as the main body, with the space as the auxiliary, the space must pave the way for the product, and the product must also blend in the space, the enterprise exhibition hall design is mainly composed of the following four parts。One is the plane planning, to analyze the role of the plane planning, reasonable division of space, understand the composition of the display。The second is the product, the product is actually decided by the designer's thought。Designers need to see what kind of space is suitable for the product, what kind of product is suitable for the space。The third is the light, we should fully recognize the importance of the light, can not simply think that the light is only used for lighting, it is more to create the atmosphere, shape the appearance, increase the level。The fourth is the soft outfit, the soft outfit not only makes up for the lack, but also can express various styles, promote the integration of space, and make the imitation of space more practical。

Second, the design criteria of the enterprise exhibition hall

1. Precise positioning。The enterprise exhibition hall is different from the temporary exhibition hall of the industry, it is relatively fixed long-term existence?The display space inside the enterprise。Therefore, when starting to build the enterprise exhibition hall, it must first have a precise positioning, from the design style, art materials, display content and cost budget to do a comprehensive analysis and positioning, so as to better grasp the direction and meet the needs of enterprises。

2. Focus on highlighting the characteristics of the enterprise itself。Since most of the enterprise exhibition halls and enterprise product showrooms are indoors, the indoor space is generally rectangular and semi-arc shaped, and the intermixed bearing columns are relatively close, so many enterprise exhibition halls look much the same。In fact, every enterprise has its own characteristics and highlights, only need to carefully study and design, will be able to design a colorful enterprise exhibition hall。

3. Focus on the application of materials。Because the exhibition hall is indoor and long-term fixed, there are a lot of building materials for choice。Therefore, we should pay more attention to the choice of data, the exhibition hall of the enterprise is the strength and taste of the enterprise, so the selection of materials is very sophisticated, reasonable and inventive application of new technology, new information, will greatly improve the overall effect of the exhibition hall。There are more and more new materials on the market, so reasonable and inventive materials can be used to highlight the strength and taste of the enterprise。

4. People-oriented, reasonable planning。Enterprise exhibition hall is a systematic engineering, according to the enterprise exhibition hall in the enterprise's detailed location, space appearance, area size and other objective factors, reasonable planning, so that the limited space to produce the best display effect, is the enterprise exhibition hall designers need to focus on the topic。After understanding the needs of customers, the designer of enterprise exhibition hall should repeat the planning and repeatedly demonstrate to obtain the best planning plan and lay a good foundation for the later exhibition hall design。

5.Focus more on audience participation。Many enterprise exhibition halls take out the pictures of enterprises to show, but the products are mechanically blocked in the window。The customer is just looking in the exhibition hall, and the impression left is comparatively single。However, we have to go through the corporate showroom to get customers

Understand the internal advantages of the enterprise, have a detailed analysis of the product, and can mobilize the enthusiasm of customers to participate in the scene。The design effect of such an enterprise exhibition hall will be good, and the ability to show corporate culture and strength will be good, and the competitiveness of enterprises will be strengthened。

6.Study the atmosphere。Enterprise exhibition hall is trying to show the overall image of the enterprise, it must have a sense of period, but also have the characteristics of the enterprise, so the enterprise logo in the exhibition hall design reasonable and standard use, can well show the characteristics of the enterprise, but also can obtain the special color bright exhibition hall design effect。The main color of the exhibition hall can also separate the application of the standard color of the enterprise, or stop a reasonable extension within the scope of the standard color system, then the style of the entire exhibition hall will be consistent with the overall style of the enterprise, and at the same time, it can be further improved and optimized in the exhibition hall。

7.Clear priorities and priorities。A good corporate exhibition hall leaves the audience with a clear and intense impression。Simple, bright is the best way to absorb the audience, photos, charts, text should be clear, concise。In addition, there must be prominent highlights in the exhibition hall, highlighting the key display content through the wrist such as modeling and lighting, or highlighting and emphasizing the key exhibits through separate display and application of spotlights。

8.Integrate into the culture。In the design of the exhibition hall of the enterprise, if the cultural concept of the enterprise can be integrated into the whole exhibition hall, it will undoubtedly make the exhibition hall of the enterprise a higher stage。In this way, we can not only see the tangible image of the exhibition hall, but also feel the deep connotation of the physical level of the enterprise。Therefore, the designer of enterprise exhibition hall should comprehensively and deeply understand the enterprise, explore the connotation of enterprise culture, and make the enterprise exhibition hall show the enterprise culture to everyone。

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