5G era exhibition hall should do this!

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In 2019, with the issuance of 5G licenses in China, the 5G era has officially opened!With the arrival of disruptive 5G technology,The Internet of everything, extremely low latency, will bring great changes to personal life and economic and social development。What will happen to the exhibition hall, which is widely used in cutting-edge technology?Let's explore:

First of all, the application of interactive multimedia hardware and software will be greatly increased. Due to the continuous decline in the cost of multimedia hardware and software, with the continuous popularization of 5G Internet of everything technology, the proportion of multimedia applied in the exhibition hall will be greatly increased.

Second, because VR/AR will be widely used in the exhibition hall in the 5G era, it will beSubstantial savingsThe space area of the exhibition hall saves a lot of expenditure costs for the owners of the exhibition hall construction。

Third, the construction of the exhibition hall will pay more attention to the audiovisual experience of the audience, making the exhibition hall more immersive and experiential。

Fourth, the physical exhibition items will be greatly reduced, especially the science and technology exhibition hall does not even have a traditional light box display board, are replaced by a display screen!

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