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Digital exhibition hall, also known as digital exhibition hall, multimedia digital exhibition hall, etc., refers to the use of multimedia and digital technology as display technology, the use of the latest film and television animation technology, combined with unique graphics digital and multimedia technology, with various novel technologies to attract visitors, to achieve human-computer interaction in the form of exhibition hall。
The digital exhibition hall is a comprehensive display platform integrating various multimedia exhibition and display systems, including digital sand table, ring screen/arc screen/ball screen cinema, welcome screen system, interactive bar, interactive mirror and touch screen。At the same time, due to the integration of various high-tech technologies, the exhibition hall is very connotation and attractive. Through the combination of video, sound, animation and other media, the background and significance of the exhibition objects are deeply excavated, which brings the audience a high-tech visual shock and greatly enhances the value of the brand。
Digital exhibition hall includes
Memorial hall: The digital exhibition hall of memorial hall is characterized by a distinct theme, combining a variety of multimedia interactive exhibition items with a strong sense of science and technology and high-tech audio-optical display means to leave a deeper and more direct impression on visitors。
Science and Technology Museum category: Science and Technology museum category digital exhibition hall with the latest design concept, the latest display technology, the past history, people, objects, etc., through the digital exhibition interaction and the most cutting-edge digital content viewing mode, so that visitors like back in time, experience an intriguing journey of science and technology culture。
Enterprise Pavilion category: Enterprise pavilion category digital exhibition hall uses high-tech display means and various audio-optoelectronic multimedia exhibition items,Integrate corporate culture in digital multimedia exhibition items and digital content display,With novel display concept, super creative digital content, intelligent scientific and technological means,Create an interactive digital exhibition hall with distinctive corporate personality。
Planning Hall: Planning Hall digital exhibition hall cleverly combines a city's unique regional culture with modern technology,Multi-directional use of interactive multimedia digital exhibition items, planning electronic sand table, holographic projection technology, ring screen display system and other innovative digital display means,Vivid display of the city's "past and present",And imagine the future of the city。
Industry profile
The relationship between supply and demand is a prerequisite for the rapid development of an industry。At present, the market demand is very large, and the supply side is slightly insufficient, especially with core intellectual property rights, there are not many companies with excellent technology, and the industry as a whole lacks brand effect。
Multimedia interactive exhibition items
1.Interactive projection experience class
• Multi-touch interactive wall system
Main equipment: screen, sensor, projector, server
Application recommendation: Suitable for display at the door and entrance, can play videos and pictures
• Virtual shooting
Main equipment: screen, sensor, projector, server
Application recommendation: Suitable for shooting games
• Interactive virtual book turning system
Main equipment: infrared sensor system, multimedia image, base
Application recommendation: Suitable for displaying the content of the story, there is a good interactive effect
• Interactive ground projection system
Main equipment: infrared sensor system, multimedia image, projection equipment
Application recommendation: Suitable for display at the door, good interaction effect, dark light requirements
2, holographic phantom stereo imaging class
• Single-sided 180° holographic projection
Main equipment: display system, central control system, TV playback equipment
Application recommendation: Display valuable single products mobile phones, jewelry, cars, etc
• 360° holographic projection
Main equipment: display system, central control system, projection equipment
Application recommendation: Display items, jewelry, cars, mobile phones and other valuables
3.Sand table display class
• Multimedia projection sand table
Main equipment: 3D digital content, demonstration equipment, playback equipment, projection equipment, central control equipment
Application recommendation: Real estate display
Digital exhibition hall, science and technology museum, museum, multimedia exhibition hall and other digital exhibition hall
• 3D virtual digital sand table
Main equipment: 3D digital content, demonstration equipment, playback equipment
Application recommendation: real estate exhibition hall, science and technology museum, museum and other digital exhibition hall
Large screen display class
• Multimedia interactive floor screen
Main equipment: ground screen display equipment, projection equipment, central control equipment, interactive system
Application recommendation: Exhibition, exhibition hall, urban planning museum, science and technology museum, museum, hotel, hotel and other interactive display
Multimedia ball screen display system
Main equipment: ball screen display equipment, fisheye lens, central control equipment, interactive system
Application recommendation: Exhibition, exhibition hall, urban planning hall, science and technology museum, museum and other special display
Simulation simulation driving class
• Simulation of the driving system
Main equipment: stereo projection system, central control equipment, dynamic platform, sound system, fusion system
Application recommendation: Exhibition hall, exhibition, urban planning museum, science and technology museum, museum simulation experience or experiment
Stereoscopic cinema
• 3D stereo cinema system
Application recommendation: Important display projects in science and technology museums, museums, theme parks and tourist attractions
4D cinema
4D cinema is a new type of film and television product composed by adding environmental special effects simulation on the basis of 3D cinema. Compared with other types of cinema, 4D cinema has the characteristics and advantages of distinct theme, high technology content, rich experience sense, realistic effect, strong sense of penetration and leading the trend。With the development of film and television entertainment technology and the high standard of the market demand,People not only vibration, displacement, falling, leg sweeping, blowing, water spraying, tickling, scenery, insects and snakes drilling trouser legs, live action interaction and other special effects into 3D movies,Also according to the changes in the scene of the film carefully designed smoke, precipitation, snow, photoelectric, bubble, smell and other effects,Create an environment that fits with the content of the film,Immersive, thrilling and challenging like a roller coaster,So that the audience can get a full range of feelings such as vision, hearing, touch and smell while watching 4D movies,This is the very popular 4D cinema today。
Roaming the world 3D stereo cinema system
Digital exhibition Hall/Interactive ground projection/Interactive flip book/Phantom imaging/Virtual reality/Ring screen arc screen ball screen/Multi-touch/fusion
Digital exhibition hall, also known as digital exhibition hall, multimedia digital exhibition hall, etc。It refers to the exhibition hall form that uses multimedia and digital technology as display technology to attract visitors with various novel technologies and achieve human-computer interaction。Available technologies include: digital signature desk, electronic book flipping (also known as air book flipping), phantom imaging, electronic sand table, arc screen, ring screen, column screen, touch screen, etc。The following is a brief description of each form。
Digital signature desk, instead of the traditional sign-in method, visitors can use a virtual pen or finger to write their names directly on the touch screen and edit the signature content。
The electronic flip book, on the book mold, do the motion of the hand, the page can be turned with the wave of the hand。And this book is the image of the book projected by the projector。You can display videos, pictures, sounds, etc., greatly enriching the fun of reading。
Roaming the world electronic flip book
Phantom imaging is a combination of real scene shooting and model to interpret a scene。Visitors can see usually 5 meters *1.Vivid character performances appear on the 5-meter model, and of course, these characters and plots are also projected by the projector。
The digital exhibition hall is widely used in real estate demonstration, planning exhibition hall, high-end shops, large-scale business and other occasions。In the future, digital methods will become an increasingly important part of life, and digital exhibition halls will be widely used in various occasions。
Industry application
Financial industry
Establish a complete set of financial investment industry self-service system。Display terminal through multimedia,Deliver the latest news and service content of financial investment industry to customers in a timely and effective manner;Through interactive presentations, interactive touch and virtual interaction,Better realize self-service and self-service inquiry,Familiarize yourself with the operation process of various businesses,It has greatly improved the efficiency of the financial investment industry。
Energy communication
Energy and communication companies attach great importance to performance development and safety in production,They are trying to make scientific and reasonable progress through experiential safety production and safety education,Digital Tiger Image has long been rooted in the energy and communications industry,Deep insight and understanding of the needs of the industry,Use interactive experiential digital visual creative integration to provide the most forward-looking scientific guidance for work in the energy and communications industry,It has provided professional one-stop digital experience services for China Mobile, China Petroleum and other enterprises,In the future, we will provide more suitable digital creative integration services for the energy and communication industries with more mature industry experience and technological innovation。
Automobile industry
The digital exhibition hall has a variety of modes selected according to different customers, each choice corresponds to a mode, and the 3D real effect is displayed in a 1:1 ratio
The digital signage media wall and mirror in the exhibition hall are connected to each other to provide customers with a more comprehensive display effect。
Real estate
The reason why the real estate industry has built the exhibition hall into a digital exhibition hall is also to let users have a specific understanding of the property,Once to boost sales,The main forms of expression are,IPAD controls projection, 360-degree house view, and perspective switch,The main thing is to make the user experience more real,In this way to improve the impression of the real estate in the minds of users,Plus promotional videos and other equipment like audio,Achieve the effect of promoting the transaction。
Intelligent: The digital exhibition hall has the advantage of intelligence, and the exhibition hall generally has a main control system to control the classification, aggregation, reorganization, switching and so on of all projects
Interactivity: Interactivity is also a major feature of the digital exhibition hall. Most of the projects in the digital exhibition hall are controlled by gestures, motion capture and other interactive means, so the digital exhibition hall focuses on the interaction with users。This enhances the interest of the whole exhibition hall。
Information: information interaction, which is also a major feature, many projects are displayed through face recognition, or photo generation and other means of information interaction, which not only improves the interaction, but also plays a role in mobile phone user information。
The Habitat Digital exhibition hall with 360-degree visual effects will appear at the Habitat Exhibition, and the audience can enjoy the infinite fun of digital technology in the virtual space of the network。
Digital showroom function
It can be used to promote cultural relics and history,Because of its technological advantages,It can play a good role in protecting cultural relics themselves and documents with historical reference value,Even in high temperature and cold areas are due to the characteristics of technology and equipment,Without showing the actual object,Show the body to the maximum extent。

Because of its exaggerated form of expression and interactive experience, the digital exhibition hall can actively mobilize the enthusiasm of participants, and better convey the content that needs to be displayed to visitors through sound and electricity, so it has practical use value for enterprises, cultural relics and institutions。

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